NADA 2015 Membership Drive

We have a special offering for the month of October from James Perrenod of Discus “R” Us LLC.  Throughout the month of October, All existing Nada members are to receive a 15% discount and all new members are to receive a 20% discount on the sale of any of the gorgeous fish from breeder GOH ENG KHOON!

Not a member? No problem, for a mere fee of $10.00 (half of which will be donated to project Piaba, a great cause) you can join for a full year.

On behalf of NADA, I would like to thank Discus “R” Us LLC for their generous and continued support!


Joining NADA is easy! 
It’s only $10 a year and as a member you will be able to interact with other discus hobbyists and keep abreast of news as we prepare for our next discus show which will be in Chicago in 2016. Members can also save money by getting discounts offered to NADA members by our fine sponsors.

Become a member today!  Use the button below to purchase your membership.

Do you want to be part of an organization which caters to discus? A national organization that hosts a biennial discus show as well as several raffles a year in which $5 dollars gives you a chance to win two or more high quality discus, with shipping included? Are you alone in your neck of the woods without any discus hobbyist in your area and would like to connect with other discus hobbyists? Have you seen discus in an aquarium shop but unsure how to care for them?

Consider joining the North American Discus Association (NADA). We are a collection of discus nuts who promote the advancement, improvement, and promotion of the discus hobby. Our goal is to educate, encourage new members, provide vital information on the care of the discus, and to offer assistance to local clubs and organizations to help promote as well as provide judges for discus at fish shows.  

But wait, there’s more!

We also support organizations Such as Project Piaba and the University of Florida Aquatic Research Center to promote the advancement of science, research and conservation of both fish in the wild and decorative fish for home hobbyists.

Project Piaba

Project Piaba

Project Piaba is a community based interdisciplinary project established to understand the ecological and socio-cultural systems of the middle Rio Negro basin, Amazonas, Brazil. In order to conserve and maintain the live ornamental fishery and other renewable resources at commercially feasible and ecologically sustainable levels.
Project Piaba’s goal is to promote the sustainable harvest of aquatic resources that will ensure the survival of both the Amazonian rainforests and its human inhabitants.
Project Piaba aims to generate data relating to a wide range of issues, from population of species diversity, to the function and structure of the ecosystem, in addition to developing measures that will help improve the livelihood of the riverine people of Barceló’s, Brazil. The ultimate goal is to promote at commercially and ecologically sustainable levels, and to help to reduce environmentally destructive land use and rural-to-urban migration in the Rio Negro basin of the Amazon rain forest


As part of this membership drive, for each new membership purchased, $5.00 will be donated to project Piaba. Even if you keep fish other than discus, Project Piaba is helping ensure that all fish harvested in the Amazon basin will be available in the future for you and future hobbyists. So please consider joining NADA and help us to support Project Piaba.

To learn more about NADA please visit us here and do consider joining.

If you’re not ready to join NADA as a member, but want to support us with a donation, click here:  Donate to NADA

We need you.

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