Following are some excerpts from Jack's books and other publications that give a little background and general information about Jack Wattley.

The world is full of dreamers...thank goodness...for progress in the world comes from these non-conformists. Where would we be without our Thomas Edisons, Alexander Graham Bells and the likes of Christopher Columbus and Jack Wattley?

Jack Wattley? Who is Jack Wattley? If you don't know who Jack Wattley is then you are certainly not well versed in the inner circles of the discus world. Discus? What's a Discus?

If you don't know what a discus is, then you are certainly not well versed in the aquarium world.

The discus is a round, flat fish found in the Amazon River system of South America, mostly in Brazil. It has been the most expensive of the common aquarium fishes...the most sought after, and for many years the most difficult to breed. Most breeders were happy just to be able to breed these very sensitive fish, but one man had a dream that he wanted to study them genetically and to produce strains of differently colored discus which would be the envy of the world. His eye sought beauty that he could only imagine. Butterflies and orchids inspired the colors of his dream fishes...and though it took more than 20 years, his dreams came true.

Jack Wattley not only collected discus in South America, but he spawned them and inbred them for special colors which were then credited only to "dominant males." Wattley manipulated genes the way an artist manipulates a paint brush. His reward, aside from satisfaction of accomplishing a difficult life's ambition, was to become the most famous breeder in the world. Everybody knows about Jack Wattley if they know about discus.

By Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod
from Jack Wattley's Handbook of Discus

Jack Wattley - most recognized name in the discus world. Innumberable discus presentations and judgings in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.A. Aquarama Singapore '91-'93-'95-'97-'99-'01.

All this, in addition to writing his numerous books and articles re: discus breeding, health care, artificial raising discus fry, etc. that are distributed worldwide by T.F.H. Publications, Inc., plus his monthly discus column in Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine.

Jack Wattley - The only discus breeder to have developed different discus strains from fish he personnaly collected in streams in Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

The fantastic growth of discus fever in Japan is the result of Jack Wattley's visits there in 1980 through 1997. Mr. Jack H. Wattley's contribution to the discus hobbyist groups in Japan can be compared to that of Commodore Perry who came on board the 'Black Ships' and gave the opportunity to our country to open the door for international trade with foreign countries in the past.

The remarkable growth of discus fervor since Jack Wattley's first visit to Japan is the proof.

He is really a scholar of great research in the breeding of discus and his passion poured into the technical improvement of artificial breeding of discus is endless.

His conversation, each time of my meeting, on the improvement of artificial breeding of discus is always filled with much interest.

He is always filled with captivating mystery, just like the beautiful discus he breeds.

Mitsuru Hirose