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NADA is a non-profit organization. We depend on our sponsors and donors!

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Who is up for a Holiday Raffle!! Cary Strong has donated a killer pair of Heckle Cross Red Turquoise Discus. The pair is from Dr. Teo and is a confirmed pair.  A huge thanks to Cary for making this raffle possible. 

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2016 NADA Discus Show


The 2016 NADA Discus Show has ended.  

The show was a huge success and we wish to thank all of our supporters, judges, attendees and the entire group of behind the scenes workers who made the show possible!



NADA Membership Drive – October 1st – October 31th, 2015

We have a special offering for the month of October from James Perrenod of Discus “R” Us LLC.  Throughout the month of October, All existing Nada members are to receive a 15% discount and all new members are to receive a 20% discount on the sale of any of the gorgeous fish from breeder GOH ENG KHOON!

Not a member? No problem, for a mere fee of $10.00 (half of which will be donated to project Piaba, a great cause) you can join for a full year.

But wait, there’s more.  Click here for more special October offers and the opportunity to purchase a NADA membership.


Do you want to be part of an organization which caters to discus?
A national organization that hosts a biennial discus show as well as several raffles a year in which $5 dollars gives you a chance to win two or more high quality discus, with shipping included?
Are you alone in your neck of the woods without any discus hobbyist in your area and would like to connect with other discus hobbyists?
Have you seen discus in an aquarium shop but unsure how to care for them?

Consider joining the North American Discus Association (NADA). We are a collection of discus nuts who promote the advancement, improvement, and promotion of the discus hobby. Our goal is to educate, encourage new members, provide vital information on the care of the discus, and to offer assistance to local clubs and organizations to help promote as well as provide judges for discus at fish shows.  

But wait, read more(click the link to read all about our 2015 Membership Drive!)


Welcome to NADA

What is NADA?
The North American Discus Association is a collection of discus enthusiasts, hobbyists and breeders who are interested in the advancement of our hobby, through education and improvements in the quality of the fish we keep and breed. Our goal is to educate the general public, encourage new members, provide information on the discus hobby and promote discus at fish shows

Why should I join NADA
NADA is a national organization devoted to promoting the discus hobby. Joining gives you input on the association.  NADA is providing speakers and judges at the national American Cichlid Association show and we have a quarterly newsletter.
In addition, some of our advertisers have offered special discus prices for NADA members or to hand pick their best quality discus for NADA members. Joining NADA means you can help set policy and have a voice in the future of the discus hobby.

What is the Message Board?
The message board is for members only. We discuss new articles for the newsletter and website, talk about upcoming events and plans for the association.

Joining NADA is optional, as always, all content on our website is free to the public. 


NADA 2014 Best In Show

NADA 2014 Best In Show

Congratulations go to Florida Discus and Ricky Lim for the Best In Show Discus at the NADA 2014 Show.  The show was held in Austin, TX.  Wish you were there?  Don’t despair!  

We’ll be holding our NADA 2016 Show in Chicago, IL and there’s plenty of time to prepare your favorite discus for the the competition.  Stayed tuned to this website to find out more about how to join our exciting weekend of competition, friendship and fun!



Want to donate to NADA? Here’s how:


© 2004 – 2010 North American Discus Association.

NADA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, established in 2004.

The NADA Booth at the Aquatic experience in Chicago Nov 6-8 was a huge success for NADA despite only having two weeks to prepare for it. Not only did we get to promote the 2016 NADA Discus Show in Chicago but we also raised some much needed funds for the 2016 show after costs for printing and other materials.

Discus Hans sent ten discus for a show display and donated the fish to NADA which were raffled off at the end of the show. A big shout out to Hans for the donation.

The NADA booth was put together by Keith Perkins of the host group, the MidWest Discus Association and manned by Keith and members of the group during the show. A huge thank you to Keith for putting together the materials for the booth and taking time out his day job to attend the show.

We also signed up quite a few new NADA members during the show. A big win for everyone.

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