Welcome to NADA

What is NADA?
The North American Discus Association is a collection of discus enthusiasts, hobbyists and breeders who are interested in the advancement of our hobby, through education and improvements in the quality of the fish we keep and breed. Our goal is to educate the general public, encourage new members, provide information on the discus hobby and promote discus at fish shows

Why should I join NADA
NADA is a national organization devoted to promoting the discus hobby. Joining gives you input on the association.  NADA is providing speakers and judges at the national American Cichlid Association show and we have a quarterly newsletter.
In addition, some of our advertisers have offered special discus prices for NADA members or to hand pick their best quality discus for NADA members. Joining NADA means you can help set policy and have a voice in the future of the discus hobby.

What is the Message Board?
The message board is for members only. We discuss new articles for the newsletter and website, talk about upcoming events and plans for the association.

Joining NADA is optional, as always, all content on our website is free to the public.

Join in on the 2016 NADA Discus Show excitement!


Our Spring Fling Raffle has begun!

Chicago Discus has donated 4 4.5″ Albino Super Eruption discus for our kick off raffle to the 2016 NADA Discus Show!

The winner will receive four 4.5″ Albino Super Eruption discus!

We’re limiting this raffle to just 300 tickets so you have a great chance of winning these discus for just $5!

Did we mention that the cost of shipping is included in the ticket price? (Shipping is to your front door, in the US only)
See details on the raffle page for Canadian Residents.

Click Here For More Info


Our October Raffle has ended!

Congratulations to Barb Odgers, our favorite discus cone and cave designer!  

Barb will be receiving FOUR 4″ in two gorgeous strains from Josie of Chicago Discus.

As always, stayed tuned for our next raffle folks.  


Our August Raffle has ended!

Congratulations to Mark B. and Jessica J.!  You’re both winners in the Dog Days of Summer raffle!

Mark and Jessica will each be receiving a group of SIX 3.5″ Virgin Red discus from Mike Beals of Central Ohio Discus.  

Stay tuned for our next raffle folks, it’s going to be another good one!


Our July Raffle has ended!

Hans, of Discus Hans USA donated 4 stunning 6″ discus in two of his most popular strains!

Stayed tuned to find out who our lucky winner is…

 Congratulations Liz Streithorst! 

Liz won the 1st NADA May Discus Raffle 2013 and will be receiving 6 discus from Johns Discus in three of the most popular strains and colors!

These beautiful discus now belong to Liz for the price of a $5 ticket.  

Stay tuned for our next raffle… it’s coming soon! 



The March Madness raffle has ended and we have a winner!

Merry N. is the lucky winner of this raffle. Congratulations Merry!

Rod Clemente and Bob Balogh of New Jersey Discus donated THREE Wayne Ng Violet Reflection discus for our March Madness raffle!

These gorgeous discus now belong to Merry for the price of a $5 raffle ticket.

Didn’t win this raffle?
Bookmark this page and come back often because we’ll have a new raffle and more chances for you to win the discus of your dreams!


Congratulations to our first 2013 Raffle Winner!

Ismael S. is our lucky winner!

Watch for our next raffle coming very soon!!!


Want to donate to NADA? Here’s how:


© 2004 – 2010 North American Discus Association.

NADA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, established in 2004.

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