The Wild Side

I am a relative newcomer to discus and have chosen to keep wild discus. I first looked at domestic discus which resembled wilds but none were quite close enough. So December of 2011, I acquired a group of Nhamunda reds from John or Snookn21.


Everything went fabulously for the first six months even though I lost one when we left for a four day vacation. Upon returning and finding an almost dead discus and a tank full of poop I realized later they should have been fasted prior to leaving. The tank also had several L183 plecos which added to the mess.

A short time after getting the reds from John I also ordered two Uatuma semi-royal blues. These two fish were a step above the reds.
The next month I order some Alenquers. I had the bug.


In April I ordered four more Uatuma blues. Can we see a pattern developing here. ­čÖé So back to the┬áNhamunda reds and after QT here is their home tank.


I was playing with plants in this tank also. The plants did not last too long. I was not committed to them and they created a big mess. All the other wilds were still in QT and I was planning the next discus tank.


and a video of the next tank with the Uatuman blues and Alenquers.

After this disaster stuck. ­čÖü

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The NADA Booth at the Aquatic experience in Chicago Nov 6-8 was a huge success for NADA despite only having two weeks to prepare for it. Not only did we get to promote the 2016 NADA Discus Show in Chicago but we also raised some much needed funds for the 2016 show after costs for printing and other materials.

Discus Hans sent ten discus for a show display and donated the fish to NADA which were raffled off at the end of the show. A big shout out to Hans for the donation.

The NADA booth was put together by Keith Perkins of the host group, the MidWest Discus Association and manned by Keith and members of the group during the show. A huge thank you to Keith for putting together the materials for the booth and taking time out his day job to attend the show.

We also signed up quite a few new NADA members during the show. A big win for everyone.

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