The Wild Side

I am a relative newcomer to discus and have chosen to keep wild discus. I first looked at domestic discus which resembled wilds but none were quite close enough. So December of 2011, I acquired a group of Nhamunda reds from John or Snookn21.


Everything went fabulously for the first six months even though I lost one when we left for a four day vacation. Upon returning and finding an almost dead discus and a tank full of poop I realized later they should have been fasted prior to leaving. The tank also had several L183 plecos which added to the mess.

A short time after getting the reds from John I also ordered two Uatuma semi-royal blues. These two fish were a step above the reds.
The next month I order some Alenquers. I had the bug.


In April I ordered four more Uatuma blues. Can we see a pattern developing here. ­čÖé So back to the┬áNhamunda reds and after QT here is their home tank.


I was playing with plants in this tank also. The plants did not last too long. I was not committed to them and they created a big mess. All the other wilds were still in QT and I was planning the next discus tank.


and a video of the next tank with the Uatuman blues and Alenquers.

After this disaster stuck. ­čÖü

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